Benjamin ZeillingerMy passion for coffee started when i was a little child and I was wakend up in the morning by the smell of freshly brewed coffee my father just made. He is really passionated about coffee and a “heavy user” and so I became one as well. 🙂


In 2010 I started my coffee buisness with running a coffeehouse (café) in Austria and going deep into the materia of the coffee bean, the coffee machines and the preperation. In 2013 I started with my own coffee blend called “Caffee Benissimo”. A friend of mine owns a small artisan roastery and we developed the coffee blend together!




Crypto CoffeeI deliver my coffee just for a handfull of costumers and friends but when I found out about crypto currencies and bitcoins, I thougt I should give it a try and sell my really good coffee for coins on the web!


I hope it goes off and I can make a lot of people very happy with my coffee blends and the taste of the crypto coffee!! 🙂